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Sparkle Plenty - 1980 Mariner 36 (New Hampshire)

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Mainsheet travele and carHere is the traveler and car (with the old mainsheet and blocks. I've since replaced with Harken blocks and a new mainsheet). The bearings are missing from the port car segment -- the result of a violent jibe somewhere in the Bahamas says the previous owner. I have currently removed the track and traveler to repair underlying cracks in the gel coat. I have a machinist looking into the possibility of refitting the car with new bearings. I hope this works. If it does,  I'll replace the track, trimming a bit from one side so I can slide off the car in the future.

Here is the rebuilt car. It includes 4 new bushings (1 for each car to hold the bearings) and 16 new bearing -- a brass wheel with captive stainless steel ball bearings. The bearings are "open" so the encased ball bearings can be flushed with water. In the original design, the ball bearings were held in place with grease and fell out when the wheel was removed. The rebuild is better than the original.


Machinist Labor 2 Hrs @ $65 $130
Bushings 4 @ $1.15 $4.60
Bearings 16 @ $6.70 $107.20
Tax   $5.59
TOTAL   $247.39

The rebuild maintains the original recessed design of the traveler in the bridge deck. With the lack of a "thin" modern car, replacement options all required raising the level of the track and possibly adding control lines for the new car: all of which would have created a terrible tripping hazard when negotiating the companion way.


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