MYOG Rendezvous '04

Sparkle Plenty - 1980 Mariner 36 (New Hampshire)

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DEALE TO ANNAPOLIS, MD -- Cove of Cork, Back Creek, Spa Creek and Mill Creek.
(Approximately 18 miles)


SP on her mooring in Cove-of-Cork off the Severn River.

Sparkle Plenty on her mooring in Cove_of_Cork. Click for more photos.

On Saturday 25 September 2004, we brought SP up from Deale to her mooring in Cove-of-Cork off the Severn River in Annapolis for activities over the following two weekends. We motored all the way due to lack of wind. This actually worked to our advantage since the water was full of debris flowing down the Bay as a result of the hurricanes. Thanks to Chris, JP, Jana, Tony, and Greg for crewing. I owe you one with some wind.

On Saturday 2 October, John Avery crewed as we motored SP from our mooring in Cove of Cork off the Severn River to the far reaches of Back Creek in Annapolis for the first MYOG Chesapeake Bay rendezvous. At the end of the Creek we found Fandango, Peter and Carolyn Veshlage's 1978 Mariner 36 sloop hailing out of Spray Beach, NJ and we rafted up. After contacting Paul Cunningham, Enchantee's skipper, on Spa Creek, we decided to move the rendezvous there since our current position was cramped with slips opposite both sides of our raft.

SP and Fandango rafted up on Spa Creek.
Sparkle Plenty rafted up alongside Fandango in Spa Creek. Click for more photos.

We timed the transit to Spa Creek perfectly, arriving just as the bridge went up for its 5:30 pm opening. Motoring up the creek to its far end we located Enchantee, a 1980 Mariner 38 pilothouse sloop, at a friend’s slip. In front, the creek opened into a small bay with plenty of room.

Fandango dropped her hook a hundred yards outboard of Enchantee and SP again rafted up. Our three crews commenced a get-together on each other’s boats, sharing projects and sea stories. We capped the evening off with dinner at McGarvey’s in downtown Annapolis. On Sunday, following breakfast in Annapolis, Paul Cunningham—skipper of Enchantee—helped me motored SP back to her mooring in Cove of Cork.


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