GOB Regatta '04

Sparkle Plenty - 1980 Mariner 36 (New Hampshire)

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Good Old Boat Magazine LogoWe sailed is this laid back race on Saturday, 9 October 2004, in a catch-all fin keel class, the same as last year. Winds were light, 5 to 10 knots. Despite our small and heavy 130 cruising head sail and the light winds, we were still able to beat three other boats. (Race Results.) This accomplishment was due primarily to our crew of active racers who actually knew what they were doing. All are active racers in the Harrington Harbor and West River series. The skipper would like to thank Bob Spann for allowing me to crew on his boat, Resilient--a beautiful Alerion Express 28--this past summer. I learned a lot and helped this cruising sailor make a lot more sense out of the GOB-R. The Annapolis GOB-R is co-sponsored by Good Old Boat Magazine and the Shearwater Sailing Club. Click photos below for larger view.
JP acts as human whisker pole The racing brain trust: (L to R)
Bob, Larry, Mike

Midway through the race we were treated to the arrival of the John W. Brown, the WWII Liberty ship berthed in Baltimore. Several WWII aircraft also participated, a Japanese Zero, German Messerschmitt, and U.S. B-26 bomber with the Brown’s Ack-Ack guns blazing away at the Axis planes.

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